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What happened to Conscious Cultures? Do I even know you anymore?

You noticed! 

For the uninitiated: 

Bandit started out as Conscious Cultures, a plant-based cheese line born from the best intentions (to nourish others) in the lowest of places (a makeshift refrigerator cave in a basement beneath a Philly yoga studio).

Our processes have been refined these last few years, but our craft is exactly the same: Traditional cheeses made by time-honored methods that just happen to be plant-based, dairy-free and the darling of the likes of the New York Times. 

Fancy, right? Except…we’re not. We’re simply super serious about making delicious cheese. Our former name and logo started to feel out of sync with who we are at our core. So we became Bandit – the crew sneaking onto the cheese scene, dropping what has been dubbed by many as the most delicious plant-based cheese you’ll ever eat.

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How do I place an order?

For shipping directly to your door, check out our online shop: WELOVEBANDIT

If you would like to become a wholesaler, fill out our “Become a Wholesaler” form to begin the process. For distributors and any other sales related questions, please email at

Become a Wholesaler

Let’s be friends! Fill out our “Become a Wholesaler” form and our team will get back to you! If you have any other questions, drop us an email at

Become a Distibutor

Oh heyyy! We love distributors. Give us a shout. We'll get back to you lickity split.

What's up with Shipping? Minimum Order?

Wholesale Partners:

MOQ (Minimum Order Qty): 2 Cases

We ship weekly Mondays-Wednesdays via UPS Express. Available shipping options and rates are displayed at checkout and determined by location and weight. Available rates may fluctuate based on time of year. Orders are shipped in temperature controlled packaging and fastest available method whenever possible to ensure integrity and condition of cheese.

Based on availability and/or extreme temperatures, shipments may be held or delayed. Our team will notify customers with any updates!

Is Bandit hiring?

We’re always on the prowl for curd nerds, culinary cohorts, and well-rounded folks to join the team. Bonus points if you can carry a tune (or just act like you can carry a tune). Hit us up with a short intro about what you do best along with your resume at

Where can I find Bandit?

Get your hands on it here

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Is Bandit cheese gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and vegan?

Yep, sure is!

What about nuts?

Nuts and tree nuts are our only major allergens. We hope to create an allergen-free cheese at some point. Stay tuned!

Why cashews?

Cashews provide a rich, creamy foundation that mirrors the texture, mouthfeel, and palate of a dairy cheese without any distracting texture or grit (or, y’know, lactose).

What’s Bandit’s shelf life?

All our cheeses should be stored refrigerated and enjoyed within 4 weeks of wrap/ship date. We label each piece of cheese with a "Best By" date.

Can Bandit cheeses be frozen?

Our cheeses can be stored frozen for up to 6 months with very little change during the thawing/slacking process. With any specific questions - ask us directly!

Can I eat the rind?

Hell yeah! Get in there! The rind is delicious, and is where our cave aged bloomies Barn Cat and Maverick get their flavor. Barn Cat and Maverick are classified as “surface ripened cheeses” meaning they ripen from the outside in, drawing flavor from the delicious enzymes that grow on their surfaces, creating the rind. Rinds a little too intense for you? Try pairing rinds with a sweet jam to balance things out.

Where is Bandit cheese made?

All our cheese is handmade in the best city on Earth: Philadelphia.

In, like, a barn or something?

Close. Our production creamery and cave aging facility are in the belly of the Bok Building, a former school turned shared workspace in South Philadelphia.

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Got another Q?

We don’t bite. Drop us a note, we love (e)mail!