Who the
is bandit?

Bandit is good cheese.

And we’re coming for your taste buds.

We make our cheeses with long-established practices and real, plant-based ingredients. The result is some of the best cheese to ever meet your taste buds.

It also happens to be made from plants and we think it's pretty freakin’ great.

Bandit is good cheese

Cheese, yes. Dairy, no.

This isn’t a gimmicky cheese substitute or “fake” cheese. This is the real deal — we just make it with cashews and other natural ingredients. No gimmicks. No mystery ingredients. No bullshit.

Dairy milk doesn’t make cheese real. Our centuries-old process makes it real. So if good cheese is your thing (and dairy isn’t), you’re in luck.

Cheese, yes. Dairy, no

Why we do it:

Bandit isn’t for vegans just

We get it. You aren’t necessarily a card-carrying member of Club Vegan.

There are a million and one reasons you may want a non dairy-milk option when it comes to your food choices. Whatever your reason — we think everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy really good cheese.

Bandit cheese goes toe-to-toe with your favorite dairy cheese — and can be enjoyed by an even wider audience. Go figure.

Why we do it:

How we do it:

hand-crafted in the
caves of south Philly

Okay… it’s more walk-in fridge than cave, but intent and outcome are the real magic and what comes out of our South Philly cave every Thursday is sublime.

Within the walls of this walk-in whimsical wonderland, cultured cashew is formed into wheels, and ripened by strains of Penicillium Candidum, the noble white mold that thrives within the ambient cave environment Bandits affineurs have coaxed into existence. The wheels cared for and cave-aged for two to three weeks until they’re some of the most delicious cheeses you’ll taste — dairy-free or otherwise.

How we do it:


food cart

Who makes it:

Anatomy of a cheese bandit

They’re not just setting fashion trends with their stylish bandanas and fancy footwear. Our Bandits’ clothes have purpose. We take our craft seriously, and that means strict adherence to staying clean while we make our magic.

Plus, if you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you make better cheese. That’s just science!

Who makes it:

Anatomy of a cheese bandit

anatomy of bandit cheese anatomy of bandit cheese

Meet the makers:

Serious cheese
made by fun people

& Affineurs
Good cheese doesn’t just happen. Bandit is a collection of dedicated, fun folks making serious cheeses with time-honored methods that just happen to be plant-based and dairy-free.
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