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Bandit is cheese.
Made with cashews.

We use nothing but real ingredients like cashews and coconut

Our cheese is made with a hands-on process that requires time and passion

Every batch is handmade by our passionate and dedicated Curd Nerds, also known as cheesemakers & affineurs.

We create delicious cheeses for all occasions.
Your taste buds will thank you.

(Psst…it also happens to be vegan)

Just about everything goes with Philly Spread. Especially everything bagels!
Delicious salad with small wedges of Barn Cat

Get your hands on the goods.

Find some Bandit (nay, demand it) in your area and discover how our cheese goes great with fancy wine or on your next burger.

Bandit Founder, Bo Babaki

Bandit wasn’t concocted in some think tank or board room.

It’s the basement brainchild of our founder, Bo Babaki. To nourish himself and his loved ones, he went on a mission to conceive and produce real, fresh, time-aged cheese that also happens to be plant-based.

Many recipes (and a few years) later, Bo’s one-man show evolved into a full team of curd nerds who share Bo’s passion for delicious, nourishing, plant-based cheese.