Royal Trumpet ®

Royal Trumpet ®

We partnered with Pennsylvania's own Phillips Mushroom Farms to incorporate their  Royal Trumpet ® Mushroom variety in this savory, flavorful, seasonal log. Perfect for the holiday table, these earthy, rich notes of mushroom umami, compliments a deep caramelized palate finished and rolled in chive powder. Cozy, comforting, tasty!

Phillip's Mushroom Farms has been family run for nearly 100 years cultivating and innovating in the Mushroom Capital of the World: Kennett Square PA. Famous for their commitment to quality and excellence in their field, Phillips Mushroom Farms is one of the largest suppliers in the US, with over 57 millions pounds of mushroom sales a year!

Available for a limited time only! 

Uses: spreads, dressings, charcuterie, crudité, and cheese boards

Plays nicely with: Roasted Vegetables, Hearty Breads, Pasta and Winter Fruits

Contans cashews


Contains coconut


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Those pesky details:

Ingredients: Cashew, Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Salt, Garlic, Onion, Royal Trumpet (R) Mushroom, Chive Powder, Cultures & Enzymes

Potential allergens: Cashews, Coconut

Vegan and Cruelty-free

Gluten-free & grain-free

Hand crafted in Philadelphia

Made with love and cared for daily

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